NEW WOMAN (Group Show), Clifton Cultural Arts Center, Cincinnati (April, 2024)

A MOMENT IN TIME (3-Woman Show), Off Ludlow Gallery, Cincinnati (July, 2023)

OIL AND WATER DO MIX (Two-Person Show), The Gallery at Kurtinitis, Cincinnati (February, 2022)

BIRD'S EYE VIEW (Group Show), Eisele Gallery, Mariemont (July, 2022)

IMPRESSIONS OF HYDE PARK SQUARE (Group Show), Gallery 708, Cincinnati (October 2021)

KENNEDY ARTISTS COLLECTIVE SHOW (Group Show), Kennedy Heights Arts Center (December 2020)

FLOWERS Everywhere (Group Show), Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati (March 2018)

ARTLOCAL (Group Show), Springfield Township (November 2020; November 2017; September 2014)

CINCINNATI: DIVERGING POINTS OF OBSERVATION (Group Show), Mohawk Gallery, Robin Imaging, Cincinnati (July – October 2017)

TRAVELING IN WATERCOLOR (Semi-solo Show), Café de Sales, Cincinnati (June – August 2017)

WATERCOLORS (Solo Show), Christopher Marcus Salon, Cincinnati (May - July 2015)

BREAKING GROUND (Group Show), Lesley University Alumni Show, Cambridge, MA (February - March 2015)

SPOTLIGHT ON THE ARTS (Group Show), Sharonville Convention Center (2011)

COMMUNITY ARTS CENTERS (Group Show), Anderson Township Center (2010)


SPLASHES OF COLOR (Group Show that I organized), The Barn, Mariemont (May, 2023)

DELICIOUS: The Art of Food, Sidewinder Café, Cincinnati (June – July 2015) / Gallery Salveo, Interact for Health, Cincinnati (May – June 2014).

CINCINNATI SCENES, Cincinnati City Hall (Aug – Oct 2014) / Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati (June – July 2014)

QUENCH YOUR THIRST FOR ART, Venue 222, Cincinnati (June 2013)

BLOSSOMING, Coffee Garden Café, Cincinnati (Aug – Oct 2012)